Update..... Big Changes coming to Ocean Villas II..... Please See Below


Listed below are the latest newsletter and the Board of Directors. If you need to contact a Board member please call the office for the contact information. Please feel free to contact any member of the board concerning any question or issue that may arise. Also, feel free to contact the Webmaster concerning any questions or comments about this website.

Board of Directors

Bill Lucy - President & Webmaster

Faye Rollings-Carter - Vice President

Karen Kennedy Gaskins - Secretary

Mike Swirzinski - Treasurer

Ken Hunsberger - Maintenance Director

Kevin Bengel - Grounds Maintenance

Ocean Villas II

Cindy Alexander, Property Manager

Mark Williams, Maintenance Manager


Ocean Villas II Updates:


This update is to inform the Homeowners at Ocean Villas II that we have hired a resort management company to take over the day to day operations and the management of our property. Outer Banks Resort Rentals, aka Alderwood Management, is now running the office and taking care of all administrative duties at the resort.

We, the Board of Directors, made the decision to proceed with the contract with OBRR because we believe it is in the best interest of our homeowners. As many of you know, our longtime Property Manager, Cindy, was involved in a serious car accident last November. She has made the decision that she is unable to continue working at OVII. Cindy will be greatly missed. If you would like to call or send her a card you can call the office and get her contact information.

There will be many changes coming to the way the resort is operated. Two of the changes are as follows: the ability to pay your maintenance fee over the phone with a credit card and the ability to pay your security deposit by credit card. There are many other changes coming which will be communicated to our Homeowners.

The next mailing will be the ballot and general proxy letter. This letter will also include an introduction to and summary of Outer Banks Resort Rentals and Alderwood Management. This is an important letter as we will be asking for 3 things - your vote, an updated general proxy, and an email address for each homeowner. The updated general proxy is needed to we can update our new data base and email addresses are needed so we can keep you better informed and save on the high cost of mailings and postage.

Have a great summer!

Bill Lucy

OVII President

Homeowners and Guests - check in at the resort is 4 pm. Early check-ins require a $50 fee and prior approval. *Do not expect to arrive early and stack your luggage outside of your room if you haven't paid the early check-in fee (it interferes with the cleaning crew). Thank you in advance for adhering to this policy!

*** We require a $100 security deposit upon check-in. Located in each unit is a set of rules to follow when checking out. Lately we have had an issue with these rules not being followed - dirty dishes left in dishwasher, dirty linens and towels not being placed by the washer, trash not being placed in the dumpster, furniture being moved and not placed back, etc. From this point forward, if any of these discrepancies are found or other check out rules are not followed, your security deposit will be forfeited.

Homeowner's and Guest's - 2 parking spaces are provided for each unit. If you need an additional parking pass please see Cindy. Also, please be courteous and park the extra vehicles away from the buildings.

Latest Newsletter:

  The latest news letter from the Annual Homeowners meeting is below. Also, below is the new maintenance fee schedule that was approved at the meeting.

Ocean Villas II November 2016


I want to start out by saying Thank You to all who attended the Ocean Villas II (OVII) Annual Meeting. The day started out cloudy and breezy. The meeting was held inside to make it more comfortable for all attending. The meeting lasted a little over an hour and we had some very good questions and suggestions from the homeowners. Two board members, Faye Rollins-Carter and Ken Hunsberger were up for re-election. We also had two new candidates running for the board, Karen Kennedy Gaskins and Kevin Bengel. All were elected to the board with Faye and Ken receiving 2-year terms. Following the Annual Meeting, Bill Lucy was elected as President, Faye Rollins-Carter as Vice President, Karen Kennedy Gaskins as Secretary, Mike Swirzinski as Treasurer, Ken Hunsberger as Maintenance Director, and Kevin Bengel as grounds Maintenance Director.

This year RCI donated a free vacation week and Dial an Exchange (DAE) donated a free vacation week, tote bags, tumblers, pens, umbrellas, a blanket, and many other assorted items. Everyone in attendance received gifts and had a good time.

The budget for the upcoming year was presented and passed unanimously. The maintenance fee will increase to $490 for 2017. The budget was presented and the trends of maintenance fees collected, verses the number of homeowners we currently have, was discussed. The board has spent many hours cutting back expenses in every area possible. This year we operated with a deficit budget. To break the maintenance fee down, consider this, the previous daily rate was $62.86, the new daily rate is $70. This is still the best vacation bargain on the beach. Many maintenance issues arose this year that forced us to expend more money than was foreseen in the 2016 budget. The elevator repair was a major expense which caused us to allocate some of our savings to pay for the repair. We also have major damage from Hurricane Mathew which will require a complete new roof replacement on the oceanfront building. Our insurance, electricity, water, and every other necessity have also risen substantially in cost. With this said, we will strive to continue cutting costs where necessary while maintaining the quality of our resort. If you would like a copy of the 2017 budget, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Cindy at the resort.

During the past year we had to delay some of the upgrades that were planned for the resort. A few of the needed upgrades proceeded as planned. The oceanfront building was sealed and repainted. This improvement has been met with good reviews. The normal maintenance proceeded as required. We replaced 2 air conditioning units, a few mattresses, had appliance repairs, and numerous other items that were repaired or replaced.

For the upcoming year we have a few projects that will be considered. With the current budget constraints, we will not be undertaking any major projects. We will continue with our normal maintenance that includes: painting interiors, touching up molding, and fixing imperfections on the walls and ceilings. This winter we plan on power washing the “5” building and touching up the exterior paint. We will continue to upgrade the units as our budget permits.

I made a special announcement at the Annual Meeting that I would like to convey to each of you. Jim Bostancic has decided to “retire” from the board. Jim has been instrumental in the success and sustainment of our resort. He has been on the board for 26+ years and has held every position. Some of his accomplishments include the supervision of the rebuilding of the resort after Hurricane Isabel and keeping our finances straight for many years. He wanted to retire a couple of years ago, but graciously agreed to stay on as an advisor and take care of the budget. If you see Jim or his wife Shirley, please thank them for their many years of dedication to our resort!

In closing, I would like to express my continued sincere thanks to Cindy and Mark. This past year was met with much adversity, and they did an excellent job of keeping our day to day operations going and keeping our homeowners and guests happy. Also, in such difficult times, Cindy and Mark again received the RCI “Hospitality Award”'! This was quite an accomplishment! I would also like to express my sincere thanks to our Board of Directors for the excellent job they do in continuing to operate OVII and providing the comfort and value you have become accustomed to. If you have any comments, good or bad, please feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to a prosperous and rewarding year for Ocean Villas II.

Happy Holidays!

Bill Lucy
OVII President

 2017 Maintenance Fee Schedule

Your 2017 maintenance fee of $490 is due as follows:

Weeks 1 - 13 due December 15, 2016
Weeks 14 - 26 due January 15, 2017
Weeks 27 - 39 due February 15, 2017
Weeks 40 - 52 due March 15, 2017

If you own more than one week you will receive a separate invoice for each week. You may combine your payment for all weeks, just indicate this in the memo section of your check. Please be sure to write week, unit number, and 2017 MF on your check.

Reminder: All Owners, Guests and RCI Exchangers are required to leave a deposit of $100.00 at the time of check in. Cash or Check Only.

Additional Fees:

Returned Check Fee $35.00

Lock out fee $40.00

 LATE PAYMENT FEES - 1 - 30 Days Late = $50.00
31 - 60 Days Late = $75.00
61 - 90 Days Late = $100.00

Early Check In Fee - $50.00 (With Prior Approval)

Please check to insure we have the correct contact information for you. Remember, If you wish to bank or rent your week, your maintenance fee must be paid first.

For inquiries contact Cindy Alexander, Property Manager, Ocean Villas II.

Ocean Villas II
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