Week 24 or 25 - want to buy. Any unit. Please contact Landon at 614-545-8044 or email at landon.ramey@gmail.com

Week 25 or 27 in 2017- want to rent. Please contact Joe at 781-367-7011 or email at joegerraughty@yahoo.com

Week 28 or 29 - want to rent. Would like 2 two bedroom units or 1 three bedroom unit. Please contact Louis at 913-268-8526 or email at BornmanL@aol.com

Week 32, 8/12/17 - want to rent. Would like any unit in the oceanfront building. Please contact Courtney at 740-591-9924.

Wanted Weeks

Below are weeks that are desired by our Homeowners and guests. If you have one of these weeks and wish to rent or sell please contact the person listed.